House of One will be a house that will house the three monotheistic religions

House of One is an unprecedented project. They will build a common house for the three religions. Jews, Muslims and Christians will meet there for a reconciling dialogue. Religions are the basis of belief for Christians, Jews and Muslims. Although they share the belief that there is only one God, the various ideologies in the not-too-distant past caused wars with millions of dead.

House of one
The House of Three Religions will be built at this central location in Berlin – Image from DW News

At present the conflict between religions still persists. In Gaza, however, a very flattering project is being prepared. It is about the construction of a common building for the three great religions under one roof.

The house of a project

The “House of One” project is already in its gestation period. It takes place in Berlin and will be unique in the world. A place dedicated to dialogue and reconciliation. The foundation stone will be laid on May 27, 2021, on which the joint house will be built with the support of representatives of the three predominantly monotheistic religions and the city of Berlin.

The building is located in the center of Berlin, more precisely on Petriplatzplatz, and its doors remain open to atheists. The place where the house will be is one of the oldest in the German capital.

It was completely destroyed during the Second World War and disappeared by the Soviet occupation in the 1960s. They were already carrying out archaeological excavations at PetriPlatz in the 21st century. They discovered the remains of the old Petrikirche, which dates back to the 13th century and was destroyed by the Soviets in 1964.

Some surprising details

The new house of a project was built on the foundations of the old Petrikirche. It is a historical place where history can also be written. The weapons are dialogue, tolerance and debate. The work is carried out without a mandate from any government or religious authority. It is a dream that some people of the three religions have projected and that is now coming true after more than 10 years of conversation.

Christians, Jews and Muslims unite in this project – image from DW-Nachrichten

Several small communities started the project. This was the belief that provoked them that they were receiving donations from the European Federation and the German state. They also received several private donations and still more.

The construction is carried out by an internationally award-winning architecture firm, Kuehn Malvezzi. A futuristic architecture that encompasses the three religions in the same building. It will be the symbol of a future in which there will be dialogue and peace.

This common home is expected to be a church for a Christian, a synagogue for a Jew, and a mosque for a Muslim. And that for the three of them it will become a symbol of peace and hope projected onto a better future for the world. The building will be 40 meters high and cost around 43 million euros. A large part of these costs has already been deposited and all that remains is the start of construction.

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