The fastest VPNs to use on your computer

The objective of a VPN is not only to hide your identity to avoid security breaches, but it must offer a catalog of servers that stand out for being stable and fast. A fast connection through a VPN will make it possible for you to access all types of content without limitations or failures in the charging processes.

Thus, although the VPN market offers a large number of alternatives, the truth is that not all of them can guarantee a fast Internet connection. For this reason, here you will find the fastest VPNs that you can use on your computer so that you can access everything you want easily.

These are the fastest VPNs you can download

If you don’t want your browsing speed to be affected, these VPNs have the ability to maintain a stable and fast connection:


The main quality of Windscribe is that it offers 10 GB of free monthly browsing with a limited server catalog. However, multiple servers in the United States will be enabled, which can be useful for unblocking content from that country on platforms such as Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, etc.

Windscribe’s free service can reach a speed of up to 500 Mbps without any problem, it will allow you to play online with the VPN activated without suffering any type of slowdown. In addition, the platform allows you to customize the paid subscription, for example, you could choose to only unblock all servers in the USA and the amount will not exceed three euros.

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IPVanish provides a large number of memberships that suit all types of budgets and give access to more than 2,200 servers that are distributed in 54 countries. You will have access to the most important nations, such as the United States, Japan, England, Germany and more, there will be no restrictions.

Speed ​​is also a strong point of the VPN, since it ranges between 450 and 500 Mbps, it will allow you to consume any type of content in 4K resolution without annoying pauses or playback failures. That speed also lends itself to playing online freely while keeping your data protected.

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A VPN that is focused on streaming content, CyberGhost has the ability to unblock the catalog of any streaming platform depending on the area you select. Likewise, it gives access to streaming services that are only available in a specific country, such as MGM+, IMDb TV, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, etc.

The platform guarantees a constant browsing speed that ranges between 350 and 500 Mbps, figures that ensure fluid transmissions in real time through the computer, console, smart TV, etc. It should be noted that CyberGhost has 9,300 servers established in 91 countries.

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Proton VPN

Proton VPN service is one of the few that supports very fast connections of up to 10 GB/s and also ensures stable browsing speeds in countries that are far away (300 Mbps), such as Japan, China , India, Australia, New Zealand, among others.

Proton VPN guarantees that you can access portals with strict security so that you can enjoy the service they offer. The platform has 2,988 servers in 69 countries which, although it is not the most extensive list, will make it possible for you to access geoblocked content easily.

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NordVPN is one of the most stable and solid services you can find right now. To begin with, the drop in speed is minimal, if your connection is 500 Mbps you will only experience a drop to 450 Mbps, which is practically insignificant. Likewise, the system ensures that if your speed is limited, it can optimize it.

On the other hand, streaming content in HD and 4K resolution will not be a problem, you will enter any platform, be it Prime Video, Max, BBC, Hulu, etc. As for the catalog, you will find 5000 servers that are located in 60 countries, no important area will be left out.

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