Best AI cryptocurrencies [2023]

List of the best AI cryptocurrencies.

The best AI cryptocurrencies are a new trend that, by combining two of today’s most popular technologies, are revolutionizing the blockchain industry.

AI cryptocurrencies are becoming one of the keys to the development of Web 3.0.

Platforms that have adopted this robust combination have made it easier for their users to access the enormous potential of Artificial Intelligence. Not only that, the concept is boosting the market capitalization of these organizations. That’s why we show you which are the best AI cryptocurrencies in 2023.

Best AI cryptocurrencies

– iExec: is a platform that employs AI and blockchain with the goal of capitalizing on computing power and making various resources more accessible in the cloud. Its currency is the RLC, which has suffered slightly from the consequences of the volatility of the cryptomarket. Between the first and second quarter of the year, the RLC went from being worth $1.8 to approximately $1.6.

– Phala Network: another AI-powered blockchain-based platform that also provides data processing services in the cloud in a decentralized manner. Its cryptocurrency, the PHA, launched in 2021, the year in which it managed to reach an all-time high of $1.23 per token. Today, its share price stands at $0.14 and its market capitalization is around $78 million.

– Combining blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, is a service that employs “autonomous economic agents” with the goal of producing profits for its users. Fetch recently formed a partnership with eToro, one of the best exchanges, which is widely known for its transparency and strict exchange rules.

– The Graph: innovative system that uses the Ethereum blockchain to request and order information in much the same way as Google’s mechanism. Its token, GRT, has experienced relevant fluctuations recently, increasing its price from $0.13 to $0.17 in mid-March. In addition, The Graph’s market capitalization is currently around $1.3 billion.

Other AI cryptos

– Ocean Protocol: as its name suggests, is a blockchain-based protocol, which is characterized by facilitating the monetization of data and different types of services. The price of its cryptocurrency has also increased substantially over the last year, which is why it is considered one of the AI tokens with the greatest potential.

– Covalent: is a system that allows developers to combine data from different blockchains, such as Ethereum, Avalanche and Polygon. CQT, which is the native token of this platform, currently exhibits a market value of over $90 million, while each coin is priced at $0.16.

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