How to use Amazon lockers

amazon locker

The Amazon lockers are a service that the online shopping giant makes available to those users who, for various reasons, do not wish or cannot receive their orders at home. In other words, it is an excellent solution for those cases in which you place an order and you know you will not be at home to receive it.

Amazon Lockers are available in more than 30 Spanish cities and have flexible schedules.

Using Amazon’s lockers means having to pick up your packages at one of the lockers provided. These are usually located at gas stations, shopping malls, Telepizza branches, etc. This option is convenient for those who prefer to pick up their packages with complete autonomy and security. In addition, for Amazon Prime customers, the service is free of charge.

However, Amazon lockers cannot receive large items, packages or boxes. Likewise, there are other conditions of the service that we will review below along with a brief step-by-step to learn how to use it and have one more alternative for your Prime Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday or any time of the year shopping.

How to receive shipments in an Amazon locker.

After adding items to the cart from your wish list or from the product page, you only need to do the following:

– Proceed to checkout and complete the steps until you reach the shipping method section.

– Click on the option to change the delivery address.

– Locate the orange icon that says “Pick up near this address”.

– You will now see a map showing the Amazon lockers closest to your address.

– Choose the locker that is most convenient for you, click “Pick up here” and confirm your selection.

– When the package arrives at the box you indicated, you will receive a notification including a barcode.

– Go to the locker and scan the code at the bottom of the locker screen. The door will open and you will be able to pick up the package.

It is crucial to mention that items eligible for this service must not exceed 5 kg, cost less than $5,000, contain no hazardous materials and must be sold and managed by Amazon.

Also, it is worth noting that if you are not an Amazon Prime subscriber, you can enjoy the service for free as long as the price of the product is over $35. Finally, remember that you will only have three days after receiving the delivery notification to pick up the shipment, otherwise, the package will be returned.

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