The best free TV channels on the Internet

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The free-to-air television channels remain a very valid option for a large number of users who prefer traditional live programming over streaming audiovisual content platforms.

Plex and Pluto are excellent options for watching live TV for free, as are live broadcasts from YouTube.

However, getting free open-signal TV channels may not be so simple. It happens that, although there are options such as Pluto TV and IPTV lists to watch DVB-T channels over the Internet, sometimes the variety of programming or security may not be up to par.

That’s why we present you this list of channels that you can watch totally free and legally.

The best free TV channels free to watch on the Internet.

– CNN: Although it usually appears in the list of premium channels of many cable TV services, CNN is a channel that can also be watched for free. And if you are not in the United States, using one of the best VPNs you can access the open signals of this famous news network.

– Nick Jr: on this famous channel, the little ones at home can watch programs such as Dora the Explorer or Peppa Pig. In this case, you have two options, since you can access the US version of its web page also with a VPN. Or you can enjoy the programming from the Pluto TV app, which will also be useful if you want to watch the programming on a tablet.

– France24: is a great option if you like to watch news channels from all over the world. This famous French channel offers multiple options to take advantage of its open signal from the Internet. It is worth noting that through France24’s website and YouTube channel, which broadcasts live, you can access broadcasts in French, English, Spanish and Arabic.

– Fubo Sports Network: Initially, this sports network was only available as a mobile app. However, it is now possible to enjoy a wide variety of Fubo sports events totally free on a huge variety of devices using the Pluto, Plex and The Roku Channel apps.

– PBS Kids: is also focused on content for children of all ages, so despite having ads, these are not inappropriate for minors. However, in order to watch PBS Kids outside the United States it is necessary to enable a VPN service.

– Bloomberg: one of the most prestigious news networks in the world. In Bloomberg you will find mainly news about the economy and the business world in general. Access to its four versions (Bloomberg Europe, Bloomberg USA, Bloomberg Asia and Bloomberg Australia) from anywhere in the world is possible through its official website.

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