Prices of the main streaming platforms for 2024

The offering of streaming video services is very varied. On each platform you can find different price packs for the monthly subscription, depending on different variables: the inclusion or not of advertising, the quality of the broadcasts, the number of devices that can be connected at the same time to enjoy the content, if allow you to share accounts or not, the catalog of content to which you have access…

Each platform has its specific plans, subscription processes and, above all, its own range of rates. As it can be a bit complicated to compare and know all the prices of the main streaming platforms, in this article you will find all the updated prices for this year 2024 of services such as Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, SkyShowTime and Apple TV+ . This way you will be able to know which one best suits your needs and, above all, your pocket.

How much do the main streaming platforms cost in 2024

Along with the usual offer of plans and prices, some platforms are adding a new incentive to their subscription catalog this year: they offer cheaper plans in exchange for including ads before or during the broadcast of content. Here you can see the different pricing plans offered by each of the platforms:


Methods to contact Disney Plus

The Disney+ platform has three plans in its catalog of offers. Two standard ones – one with ads and the other without – and a Premium plan that offers maximum quality; That is to say: a maximum 4K resolution in all its contents.

If you sign up now, the price of the standard subscription with ads is 5.99 euros per month, without the possibility of making an annual payment and getting a discount. If you decide that you do not want to see ads, the price of the standard plan without ads will be 8.99 euros per month, and you can access an annual plan of 89.99 euros – you will get two months free. In both the first and the second, the maximum playback quality is Full HD and you can only play on two devices simultaneously.

As for the current Premium plan, with 4K Ultra HD quality and Dolby Atmos sound, it has a monthly price of 11.99 euros or 119.90 euros annually – they also give you two months of subscription. Likewise, with this plan you can play content on up to 4 devices simultaneously.

PlansShareContent qualityDownloads to devicesSimultaneous Plays
Standard with ads5.99 euros/monthFull HDDoes not allow downloads2 simultaneous plays
Standard without ads8.99 euros/month
89.90 euros/year
Full HDAllows downloads2 simultaneous plays
Premium11.99 euros/month
119.90 euros/year
4K UHD + Dolby AtmosAllows downloads4 simultaneous plays

If you are thinking about subscribing to Disney +, perhaps it will help you decide to take a look at the best Disney+ series and the best movies that you will find in its catalog.

Amazon Prime Video

What is Amazon Prime video

Currently, to access the Amazon Prime Video catalog of movies and series, you can subscribe by paying a monthly fee of 4.99 euros or 49.99 euros per year, which also includes the Amazon Prime service to take advantage of the benefits. when making purchases through its portal.

However, throughout this year 2024, the company has already announced that it will include ads in its subscription and whoever wants to 'skip' them will have to pay an extra monthly fee of 2.99 euros. That is, the monthly fee would rise to 8 euros, while the monthly fee of 4.99 euros would include ads in your views.

At the moment, this step has already been taken in the United States, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom. Spain, for its part, is in the next wave of updates.

PlansShareContent qualityDownloads to devicesSimultaneous Plays
Standard with ads4.99 euros/month
49.99 euros/year
4KAllows downloads3 simultaneous plays
Standard without ads7.99 euros/month
from its implementation
4KAllows downloads3 simultaneous plays

If you want to subscribe to Amazon Prime Video, you can follow this step-by-step guide. In addition, you can review its catalog of the best series and best movies for this year 2024.


netflix logo

Netflix already changed its charging policy months ago. In its catalog of offers there are three plans to choose from: standard with ads, standard without ads and premium.

The first of them offers you, for 5.49 euros per month, the possibility of viewing content on two devices simultaneously and enjoying it in Full HD quality. Meanwhile, with the same features, but without ads, you will have the 'Standard without ads' option which has a monthly price of 12.99 euros per month.

Finally, the premium plan is priced at 17.99 euros per month. This offers you the possibility of being able to watch content on up to four devices simultaneously and its quality in 4K Ultra HD.

Furthermore, to all this you must add that you can no longer share accounts with other users. In case you want to add users who do not live at the same address, Netflix included the possibility of creating extra accounts for 5.99 euros more per month. This possibility is only available in the standard subscription without ads – with the possibility of adding a single extra account – and in the premium version, where you can add up to a total of two extra accounts.

PlansShareContent qualityDownloads to devicesSimultaneous Plays
Standard with ads5.49 euros/monthFull HDAllows downloads2 simultaneous plays
Standard without ads12.99 euros/month + an extra subscription of 5.99 euros/monthFull HDAllows downloads2 simultaneous plays
Premium17.99 euros/month + two extra subscriptions for 5.99 euros/month each4K UHDAllows downloads4 simultaneous plays

In the following links you have all the information on the best series prepared for this year 2024, as well as the current and upcoming catalog of movies.


The best tricks for SkyShowtime

It is the newest of all in Spanish territory. With only 1 year on the market, SkyShowTime will update its prices starting April 23, 2024 globally. That is, there will not be a staggered increase by bands of countries, but in the 20 markets that are available, the increases will be applied.

Currently, the subscription price is 5.99 euros per month. But, from the date indicated above, you as a user will be able to choose whether to see ads or not. In the first case, the price will drop to 4.99 euros per month and if you want to eliminate them, the price will rise to 7.99 euros.

Currently, there are two bonuses: one with a 6-month subscription for 23.50 euros and an annual bonus for 46.99 euros. In both cases, the monthly price is 3.92 euros. And if you hire them now – or before the new plans come into effect – the price will remain the same until your bonus expires.

Finally, when SkyShowTime went on the market, the fastest users could access a 50 percent discounted price for life: 2.99 euros per month. However, in the small print it could be read that these prices could be modified and the user notified a month in advance. If everything continues its course, and this 50 percent reduction is maintained, the price to be paid by these users will be 3.99 euros.

PlansShareContent qualityDownloads to devicesSimultaneous PlaysBonuses
Standard with ads4.99 euros/month4KAllows downloads2 simultaneous plays

6-month bonus at 23.50 euros

12-month bonus at 46.99 euros

Standard without ads7.99 euros/month
(as of April 23, 2024)
4KAllows downloads2 simultaneous plays_

Being such a new service, you may not know how to hire it. So here is a very easy guide on how to do it. In addition, you also have a complete list of the best series and the best movies.


Best HBO Max series

One of the streaming platforms that has changed the most since it came onto the market has been HBO Max. Currently, this platform has a single plan and can be paid monthly or annually.

The price of HBO Max is 9.99 euros per month or 69.99 euros per year, which allows the monthly fee to be reduced to 5.83 euros. As for the viewing quality, it is 4K Ultra HD – as long as your equipment is compatible – and the content can be downloaded to be enjoyed without an Internet connection.

PlansShareContent qualityDownloads to devicesSimultaneous Plays
Flat rate9.99 euros/month
69.99 euros/year
4KAllows downloads3 simultaneous plays

As in the previous cases, if you are still deciding whether to subscribe or not, you can first take a look at its 2024 catalog for the best series and best movies that you will find in its catalog.

Apple TV+

Apple TV+ streaming service

Finally, Apple also has its own streaming video service. Its name is Apple TV+ and it is completely free of ads. Of course, its price was updated months ago and currently costs 9.99 euros per month. Of course, in maximum quality and compatible not only with Apple equipment. Additionally, the subscription allows you to share it with up to 5 family members.

Apple TV+ plansShareContent qualityDownloads to devicesSimultaneous Plays
Flat rate9.99 euros/month4KAllows downloadsShare subscription with 5 family members

Now, something interesting that Apple offers is its Apple One service. This service includes 5 services: iCloud+ (cloud storage); Apple TV+ itself; Apple Music (Spotify's direct rival); Apple Arcade (many video games available) and Apple Fitness+ (to get in shape, although only available in the most expensive plan). Its price starts at 19.95 euros per month.

Apple One PlansShareContent qualityDownloads to devicesSimultaneous PlaysWhat includes
Individual Rate19.95 euros/month4KAllows downloadsDoes not allow sharing-iCloud+ 50 GB
-Apple TV+
-Apple Music
-Apple Arcade
Family Rate25.95 euros/month4KAllows downloadsAllows sharing with up to 5 family members-iCloud+ 200 GB
-Apple TV+
-Apple Music
-Apple Arcade
Premium Rate34.95 euros/month4KAllows downloadsAllows sharing with up to 5 family members-iCloud+ 2TB
-Apple TV+
-Apple Music
-Apple Arcade
-Apple Fitness+

Perhaps it is the service that has a smaller catalog than the rest. Still, it has very interesting titles. Check out the best Apple TV+ series, as well as its interesting catalog of movies.

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