The 20 countries with the most users of Artificial Intelligence in the world

What is generative AI

What are the countries in which Artificial Intelligence tools are most used? The study carried out by the website tries to answer these and other questions, which has analyzed the performance of more than 3,000 AI tools during the months of September 2022 to September 2023.

According to the analysis carried out, for which the SEO and Social Media data collection tool SEMrush has been used, during that year there were more than 24,000 million visits to Artificial Intelligence tools around the world. Of these, approximately 60%, that is, about 14 billion visits, were made to ChatGPT, the most used AI tool globally.

Along with it, which in just one year registered a growth of 1.8 billion visits, AI tools such as Character IA and Google Bard have also experienced a significant increase in traffic, with 463 million more visits and 68 million more visits, respectively. .

Countries with the most AI users

Another interesting aspect of the report is that it provides a ranking of the 20 countries in which there are the most users of Artificial Intelligence tools today. Among them is Spain, which is in position 14, having made 377 million visits to AI tools.

For its part, Colombia would be the Latin American nation that has managed the most visits, 415 million, which places it in position 13, just one place above Spain. This would be the complete classification:

1. United States, from where 5.5 billion visits to AI tools were made in the period analyzed.

2. India2.1 billion visits.

3. Indonesia, 1.4 billion views

4. Philippines, 1.3 billion visits.

5. Brazil, 1.3 billion visits.

6. United Kingdom, 665 million visits.

7. Japan, 642 million visits.

8. Germany630 million visits.

9. Mexico, 579 million visits.

10. Canada534 million visits.

11. France481 million visits.

12. Malaysia, 434 million visits.

13. Colombia, 415 million visits.

14. Spain, 377 million visits.

15. Vietnam, 351 million visits.

16. Argentina, 320 million visits.

17. Australia, 319 million visits.

18. Pakistan, 271 million visits.

19. Russia, 270 million visits.

20. Peru, 268 million visits.

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