Tips to improve your online presence in 2024

how to improve online visibility

Having an online presence, being visible and having the content you create reach more and more people is not an easy task. It never has been, but it is becoming more and more complicated as more and more brands, companies and professionals compete for that space and have a presence on social networks.

Furthermore, with the continuous changes in search algorithms, the arrival of Artificial Intelligence or the appearance of new, increasingly specific social networks, finding and maintaining your online presence can become a challenge.

To help you, we have compiled some tips that will help you improve your online presence in 2024.

How to improve your online presence in 2024

-Work authority: One of the things you should keep in mind is that Google is increasingly interested in offering useful content. This is because in recent years, the Internet has been filled with affiliate pages and other types of websites with “bulk” content whose sole objective was to position and monetize.

This content does not offer answers to the user and Google does not like that. With the arrival of the “Useful Content Update” update, it is very important to build an online reputation and show that you have experience and knowledge about the topics you write about.

-Authoritative content: How do you demonstrate authority when creating content? First of all, demonstrating that you know the topic. To do this, create content based on your knowledge and experiences. Look for new approaches to a topic, develop a case study or create content about your own success story. Use long-tail keywords to target niche content or tangential content (broadly related to the topic).

-Create content for search intent: Don’t create content only for users who are in the first phase of the sales funnel (TOFU). Go beyond mere informative content and delve into a topic or create a cluster of content that takes the user from informative to transactional search. When choosing keywords for the lowest parts of the sales funnel, you must be very clear about your buyer’s profile and how you are going to take them to the point of purchase.

-Update content: A very common mistake is forgetting about the content once it has been created and published. With the passage of time, content becomes obsolete and needs to be updated. Even those contents that bring traffic consistently require review and updating from time to time. It is very important to have a review and update strategy, since if one of the highest traffic pages on our site suffers a drop in traffic, it could negatively affect the overall functioning of the site.

-Collaborate with other professionals: Having content created by other experts can boost the visibility and traffic of a website. The so-called guestposting has always been a valuable tool to increase visits to a website. However, with the Helpful Content update, collaborations with reputed experts and professionals can boost a website’s traffic and visibility.

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