Amazon Music publishes its podcast catalog in Spain

Amazon Music wants become an alternative to Spotify also in the field of podcasts – which are of strategic importance for Spotify – and today launches its catalog of podcasts in Spain, which can now be accessed at no additional cost in all subscription plans of the service.

Podcast creators can now request their content to be added to the Amazon Music catalog

The streaming content Amazon Music has to offer includes some of the best podcasts in Spanish like Mindfacts, TED in Spanish, Dr. Muerte, Stories in English with Duolingo, Cristina Miter’s Podcast, It’s Morning by Federico, The Wild Project or Excess de Humo. You will also have access to new original programs that have been produced exclusively for Amazon Music and will be announced gradually. According to the company, the content is regularly updated.

To listen to the full catalog of Amazon Music podcasts, just download the Amazon Music app for iOS or Android and subscribe to the service. All streaming content can also be accessed from Amazon Echo smart devices, as well as through the service’s website at

You can start playing each one with a voice command, or request that the episode pick up from where it left off just ask Alexa, Amazon’s smart assistant.

In addition, experts selected by Amazon Music provide content recommendations in top categories and select lists of popular podcasts. In the application you can also access the progress and summaries of the specific pages that are activated for each program.

Likewise, those who create content and have their own podcast can now do so too request to be recorded on Amazon Music So that users of the service in Spain can listen to it in its catalog, as is the case with other services such as Spotify or iVoox.

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