Google Chat will display warnings for virus or phishing threats

Google Chat

Google Chat, Google’s textual conversation product that has finally replaced Google Hangouts, is going to start displaying ads that will warn users of possible scams and phishing attempts or malware attacks that might be occurring on their personal accounts.

Google Chat has replaced Google Hangouts as a chat tool

The move comes as part of the current priority policy for Google to curb phishing during the use of its products. The company already pointed out different measures it was working on in this regard during the I/O 2022 conference, which brought together its developers worldwide just over a week ago.

In the ads that Google Chat will begin to display, it will go a step further, as it will also provide additional security measures, such as double two-step verification, customization of ads and greater control of security data.

Google Chat

These notices that now google Chat will show have already begun to be displayed in other company products. Gmail, the mail service within Workspace suite accounts has been one of the first to receive this warning system to prevent phishing attacks, malware or ransomware via email.

The banners have also been displayed since late April in Google Docs archives, warning of the possibility that any of the documents attached in any of the Google Workspace apps could be malicious, regardless of whether they have already opened the file or who sent it.

Now the new functionality will start showing up in Google Chat conversations as well in the coming weeks. The change will affect all Google Chat users, both those with personal accounts and those with a corporate Google Workspace account.

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